A Better Mom, Some Days

It's not allsnuggles & sunshine

Good Morni–Afternoon. I am not sure the time, I do know it is FRIDAY!Friday is pizza day here and that means I have until about 4:30 to kind of dick around.

I have seen videos and read blogs recently about moms like me who have short fuses and yell. That is me. I yell far too often. But I hate it. I do feel like shit after.

I read blogs on patience, rubber bands, counting and things to make it easier but no one ever talks about how hard it is to fight the building tendency to just lose it. To channel all of the rage in my chest, throat and FOCUS on using soft language.

Its like I need to mentally picture LOVE as a fire hydrant putting out the fire in myself before attempting to use words.

Some days,  I catch it and myself early. Some days, I lose it.

Fighting the urge to do or say what you FEEL vs the desire to do or say what you WANT is exhausting. And they are not the same things.

I want to address everything with patience but I feel like I should just put the damn shoes on myself or we will be here all day.

BUT I am trying. And my husband is noticing.

The other night, it was my sons’ bedtime and he did not want to clean up his toys, who does? I get it but I know it should be done so I am asking, explaining, asking, warning.

I feel the rage creeping slowly at first, breath, it does not need to go that way. All of my energy is focused on not losing my shit. I am praising every attempt at cleaning up, I am talking about getting a great nights sleep so we can have a good day tomorrow.

Eventually, it happened. Bedtime happened. I come back downstairs and my husband says “Thank you for keeping your cool. I could see how hard it was.”

“I could SEE.”

That made me feel so much better. Because I am alone all the time, no one sees that it is an effort. That it is EASY to give in to what I FEEL happening and fighting it for what I WANT to happen.

Do you struggle with this too? You are not alone.


What is happening?

Hello all! Hi!

Let’s talk Facebook. Are you using it to promote business or blog or services? You really should be.

I know that there are A LOT of rumors about Facebook especially using it for business and I fell prey to listening to them before I found FB Everything™.

Heres the thing, if you learn how to use all the tidbits of Facebook, you can make a tremendous improvement in your business, traffic to your blog etc.

The best part is the teacher! Her name is Courtney and she is the Facebook Queen. Seriously, her story is incredibly inspiring and she is delightful to listen to and learn from.

Honest, straight to the point and goes along WITH you instead of just talking AT you.

You can try it for FREE until this Friday with her Free Facebook Makeover workshop. Learn more here before it goes away! Free Workshop!

Looking forward to seeing you in the group!


Finding My Photography Purpose

It has been a while! I have been busy: I finished a large order of items for a shop. Once I was done, I realized I was overwhelmed. And I think that the client was overwhelmed, I am sure it is nerve-racking sending so many items to one stranger.

So I wondered how I could help more  Etsy shop owners and makers get their photography upgraded without the pricey cost of shipping whole inventories.

What if they sent one item, that I photographed using what they would have at home, and showed them the “ins and outs” by creating a PDF that they could use to shoot on their own?

Well, that is what I did!

All my spots are filled for this month and I did 3 in January and have gotten lots of positive feedback. I cannot wait to see their photographs after using customized DIY guide!

This is the ad with all the info in one spot:

Behindthescenes! (3)

Behindthescenes!  This is an example of the information that will come with PDF, and of course, they get the photographs to use if they choose.

So this is what I have bee up to. I love product photography and I love the Etsy and handmade world. I have always believed their items should be photographed with as much love that goes into making them!

If you know a maker that struggles with photographing their items, I would love to work together so let them know.

Stay Cozy!

I am located in Georgia and it is FINALLY starting to feel like Fall. I just want to snuggle on the couch with some tea and a book.

At least, in the morning it feels that way.

By the afternoon, I find myself in shorts and a tank top! Crazy weather.

But while it is feeling cozy, I have created a stock photo package for you to use in your feeds, blogs, IG, wherever you think your target market wants to feel invited to learn more about your product and service!

You can check it out here and click on the photo for more details! Warm & CozyTea Journal Stock PhotoBundle

What Fuels You?


Aside from caffeine, right? Of course, that is going thru your veins.

But what gets you out of bed and even head to said coffee? For me, it is my son. I became a SAHM one month before my son was born. I wanted to get ready to be at home and nest and get everything ready. Flash forward to having to buy a bassinet 2 weeks into Ben being born haha.

I knew I wanted to stay home with him. What I didn’t know, was how lonely I was going to be. My husband worked long hours, my own mom lived 100 miles away at the time and my mother in law had a job and my sister in law had her own two kids. So I was starting this very new life and I felt really disconnected.
I worked in retail for a LONG time where every single day I was interacting with people, that said more often than not, they were assholes but still, I was interacting.
Humans are social. I am loud, but shy, but social. I am also the random person who may muster the courage to compliment a stranger. And seeing that stranger LIGHT UP, after a small honest compliment, lights me up! Is there a job where I can compliment people all day? If there isn’t, there should be.

Ok, so how could I interact with people from home with a baby? Grocery store? Sure where I look like a zombie and trying not to scream at screaming baby. Eh? maybe not.

Life and the universe has indeed given me the resources to do just what I wanted. I am connecting to people through designing fun, inappropriate and encouraging decals for mugs.
So here is my struggle this week, be careful what you ask for right? So I have this way to connect to people but I have also attached a financial burden to this because it is a shop and takes money to run. But the root of that is this fear that if  I am not making money, I am not doing it right or like I am failing.
But REALLY, every post, every like on IG except the bots, those people are connecting with something. Maybe they are even smiling at something I have posted.
THAT is what fuels me. That is what I was yearning for when I was so alone.

The financial stuff is me having to have self-discipline and being smart with my money because here I am at 28 and
still am an idiot with my money.

Connecting with people and making people feel good, that is what fuels me. I do it easily every day with my husband and my son. I am a nurturer first, a profit-er last. I put this pressure on myself and it gets so bad that I feel like everyone else is putting that pressure on too which is Bullshit.
If you are stuck, I suggest going back to what fuels you? What keeps you going? How do remind yourself of that when shit gets tough? Please tell me in the comments!



When I first started putting words on mugs, I needed some inspiration so I posted on facebook asking people what some of their favorite sayings were. I got a great response and this one, in particular, has always stuck with me. I have probably styled it 20 different ways because nothing seems to do it justice.

Recently, I have struggled with this kind of trust. Everything seems to weigh down and there is no light at the end of the tunnel and it feels like everything is falling apart.

As it may seem that way, I still wake up every day. I still go thru the motions of what I need to do, want to do, am expected to do. Day in and day out. The amazing thing is that nothing is permanent. So what seems like the end of the world today, in 3 weeks or 3 months or 3 years, will be resolved.

The calm that comes over me when I think about things that have happened and that I have already gone thru, how happy I am that those things are over, that is the calm I wish I had while the shit is happening. Trusting your journey means that the bad times will not last forever, but at the same time, nor will the good.

I truly believe in appreciating the good for however long it lasts but knowing that it will not last forever, and trying to endure the bad knowing in my heart that I will grow from this and it too will not last forever.

Once we get thru an obstacle, it is the biggest relief and we want to bury it, be done with it.

But remembering how good it felt to get thru that thing, might help us trust and have faith that whatever the current thing is, will end too and we will eventually feel that way again.


Hysterical Twist on Waking Up, Working Out and Being Awesome

There is a lot of stuff going on in the world today and none of it do I feel particularly smart enough to talk about. So I am not.

This post is about trying to not take it too seriously and I know that there is stuff to take seriously and I know amazing people are working hard to fight for what is right.

I mean more closely, not taking our day to day lists and agendas and jobs too seriously. I mean simply loving those who are close to up more, extra hugs and kisses. More attempts at making smile or even better, laugh deeply.

Laughing with the people you love makes time stop. Watching their face light up with pure joy and excitement is the best feeling in the world for me.

In homage to not taking life too seriously and continuing a streak of putting insane words on mugs, I present to you Craziest Mug Yet

Did you look?

Are you totally embarrassed? Mad? Shocked? Find it funny? I HOPE with everything you at least let the emotions wave over you and ended with a smile.

First of all, if you are a woman and embarrassed, don’t be! Here is a great article explaining why! Healthy and Fun

I just looked at all the these “Wake up, Work Out, Be awesome” designs and for someone like me, who doesn’t work out, who hates working out, LOATHES working out, I wanted something with a twist. You can be awesome without working out, right?

I sure as fuck hope so!

Besides, what better twist than a little self-love?

Still burns calories.