Thank you Universe!

It is 8:02 pm. I am waiting for 8:30 to roll around so I can jump on a conference call.

A conference call, I am stay at home mom, what on earth am I talking about?

Well I am a stay at home mom but I am also a member of the SGI (Soka Gakkai International). It is a Buddhist organization and a few days ago, I was asked to become a leader in my area. I said YES.

Holy crap I said Yes.

I did. And I am excited and nervous. But it is also impeccable timing. My little sister who lives 800 miles away from just became a member and is doing a wonderful job at maintaining her own practice- so good that she just got a new job. A little background here, she had been unemployed for almost a year. So that is pretty big!

Also, I have started to actually get serious about fitness and doing good stuff for my body.

Now, I am hesitant to say that because my past experience is very wishy washy. On again, off again, great for 2 days and then a rest day becomes 3 months.

The difference this go around is I know I will not see results in a week. Or maybe even two weeks, or three. Hopefully by four, I mean c’mon. But knowing that I am doing this to feel better, knowing that I am doing something to be better feels incredible.

Yesterday, I had all the energy in the world and I think it was because I did my yoga in the morning, today, I focused on photographing some items in the morning, kinda was feeling sluggish. So I made myself do it in the afternoon! Three days in a row! And now here I am, writing my 500 words before the conference call.

I have also recently seen the absolute protection from my practice.

Have you ever had a car accident? Its panic right? Was it your fault? That is even more panic! In January, I did and it was totally my fault. I knew it, they knew it, I told the cop so he knew it.

Once the panic subsided, I was scared my husband would be mad, how will we get everything taken care of, how will I take my son anywhere to do things?? Our families live 800 miles away.

Except, when I had the accident my mother in law and aunt were both here to watch my son while my husband and I got a rental car, made sure the car got to the collision place, and talked to our insurance company a million times. Which, while we were in the rental car place, we were laughing! Joking with each other about how the car needed maintenance and this was its plea for help. The young lady who helped us said we were “her favorite couple because of how we were handling this situation.” It was a good day. It was a good day getting a rental, a rental we needed because I crashed the car.

When our family left, everything was pretty much taken care of.

Fast forward a few weeks, still have the rental car. My mother and sister come to visit. We got a call from the rental place saying we needed to return the car because it was reported to them that our car was fixed and ready to go. Our car insurance was maxed for rental so we had to drop it off. Luckily, my mother had driven her car from Baltimore so we were able to use her car to take my husband to work.

Miscommunication was handled, we pick up the car, get a warning message that we need to pull the car over right now. Clearly, this was the last thing we were expecting as it had just spent a month in the shop. Again, luckily my mother was here so we had a car to use while we re-dropped the car off to get the insides checked out. It was no biggie, and now she is really all better.

We had family visiting from the start of the accident, and then again at the conclusion. Family just so happened to be here and go above and beyond for us, they live 800 miles away. These dates were set in stone and planned weeks in advance, before the accident even happened!

THAT is protection from the universe, my friends. And it is just one of the many reasons I practice with SGI. I am honored to be asked to fill a position of leadership. I hope to continue growing and developing. And now the call is in 7 minutes.

Wish me luck, good night!

One thought on “Thank you Universe!

  1. Congratulations on your appointment! And for your daughter to be following in your footsteps. I started practicing in 1988, but my first meeting was in 1974. It took 5 shakabukus by 5 different people in 14 years before I stopped thinking I could take care of my life myself. In 1989, my mother started practicing. She’s 83 now and a strong member. I’ve been so fortunate to have someone to encourage me during my down times, and to have someone to discuss this practice with. Today we have meetings in my house, and for other meetings we have to drive a considerable distance. How did you find me? I’ve found a couple other members here at wordpress. This blog has also enabled me to talk to many people all over the world about this practice. This is my second blog here, when I want to write things other than what is at my main blog – which is on our prison system. It is centered predominantly around one man in particular – the father of one of my grandsons – and the letters we write, and a book I am currently writing about him. “Inside The Forbidden Outside” He is now practicing and gets publications at the prison. It has been a struggle. He concentrates on study and chanting, but he has no way of hearing gongyo. His time there has been a big struggle because he fights and anger issue, but has a heart of gold. he also has epilepsy. The book I’m writing will be this struggle and what he has learned through study and daimoku to have a successful life when he gets out. He has 7 years to go. Some of the chapters I’ve written have been posted. Good to meet you – I hope we get a chance to talk.


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