More Sex, Less Santa

Driving home today, I saw a church sign say “Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus.”

Silly people, it is all make believe.

If you are at all religious, I hope you do not stop reading. I am grateful for the fact that here in the US, we have freedom of religion. I can only speak for myself when I say, my son will know more about sex than Santa, or Jesus and most certainly, the Easter bunny.

My husband is very much an ex-Catholic. I am a practicing Buddhist. We have decided to loosely celebrate Christmas, mostly because the rest of our family will buy our son presents even though we ask them not.

Sex is a taboo when it is something very real and should be treated very openly with children. Meanwhile, from their very first Christmas, they hear all about Santa and presents and Jesus and God, all for in just 8 (maybe) years, it to be told it is not real.

Or maybe even come to that conclusion themselves. So all the Santa and elf watching bribery to be good is out the window. In less than 5 years, raging hormones are going, and the thing we have kept a secret from them forever is the thing they are going to be determined to find out about, probably irresponsibly.

So yes, I would rather teach my son about sex over Santa. Sex is something he will have to deal with from age 16-death. Sex is the reason he is on this planet, the reason most of us on are this planet. I am not sure about artificial insemination.. is that sex?

I don’t know what parents cling so hard onto believing in Santa. The movies are fun, sure. But no, he isn’t watching. Parents tell their kids that in hopes they will be good instead of getting to their level and talking with them. Or whatever they are doing isn’t so much as “bad” as it is “annoying” and you tell them to stop being themselves for your sanity. Santa doesn’t want to see you annoying mommy by “insert activity.” Great message.

I am not 100% against Santa. Pictures with Santa, we have done them. Guilty. Did I point and say this guy is gonna bring you a bunch of presents you don’t need? No.

I wish we spent as much time teaching kids about sex than we do lying to them about Santa.

And some would think that is absolutely outrageous and I believe that is because they are chicken shit and too scared to talk to kids about sex. And I got news for ya, some kids, are learning a lot more than they want to about sex in the worst possible way.

Sexual Abuse.

The most evil thing in the universe, in my opinion. Could you imagine if we were actually teaching kids about sex around 2 or 3?

So when, Uncle so and so or friend of the family, or complete stranger starts to make inappropriate contact with children, they know to say Stop Touching my Penis or Vagina!

But do we? No. We make sure they get stupid excited over moving their Elf.


5 thoughts on “More Sex, Less Santa

  1. Because I am part of the blogging challenge as well, I came across this post on Facebook.I’m going to be honest, I expected to be offended, but because I also respect our freedom of speech and religion, I chose to read on. I was pleasantly surprised, and I think you had a lot of very smart things to say.I suppose some would say that I was a bad mom because I never perpetuated the Santa/Easter bunny/Tooth Fairy thing very hard. Yes my kids knew all of those things, and they also knew that it was all Mom, I’d say from the time they were three or so. I was always careful to tell them they had to keep the secret, so as not to spoil anyone else’s fun,especially when they first went to school.

    I was also always very open with both my son and daughter about sex. People always told me I shared to much, and it was invariable my kids who knew everything there was to know. People blamed the fact that I was a single mom, and that I treated them like little adults. But do you know what? Today that son and daughter are 21 and 19, and though both are, or have been at some point, sexually active, I am proud to say that they both have healthy relationships, with me, their father, and others, and neither has parented a child. I wish more parents believed in this kind of honesty.


    • hellomamabird says:

      Wow thank you so much for reading! And thank you for your feedback! Ill admit I was nervous to read the comment 🙂 but I am so happy I did! Thanks again!


  2. hellowmambird, I totally agree we should be the ones telling our kids about sex. You’re right, if they don’t hear it from us, they’ll hear it from their friend Heidi Schornstein on the playground (lol, yup that was me, right after hopscotch I believe lol). I’m a follower of Jesus, so my grandkids hear about Him from me because I believe He is truth. Although my kids (their parents) are doing the Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy thing, they know Gammy doesn’t encourage that since it’s not the real “reason for the season” so to speak and not really true. I respect my kids in how they are raising them, and my kids know how I feel too 😉 Thanks for sharing what you believe, because we have to be able to have faith conversations or be able to express what we believe or don’t believe and why. I love the simplicity and clean look of your blog design! I like the name, too!


  3. I think it is a very important issue to take a stand on. I’m a mom of two little ones and they can’t even talk yet, so there really hasn’t been any teaching about sex, but I’ve done a lot of thinking about how to approach that. I think you’re right, that they do need to be educated, even starting when they’re very young because sexual abuse is a very real problem that affects kids too, and affects them a whole lot more than Santa Claus.



    • hellomamabird says:

      Hey Catherine, thank you so much for feedback. My son is about to turn 2. I have also thought about how to approach it and I don’t think it should be this like daunting thing like people make it out to be. My mom was visiting once and she said “oh shirl, what are you calling Bens um, his uh.. his thing?” I said “Penis. We are calling it a penis.” And she blushed she was so embarrassed.


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