Where My Nerd Moms At?

My son is turning 2, too soon. End of April too soon. No it isn’t too soon, I am happy he is growing up. He is a happy, loves to laugh and go with the flow little boy who eats great and sleeps well, win win!

When I found out I was pregnant, I was over the fucking moon. I was excited for all the things there are too be excited about, making a nursery, buying little clothes and blankets and getting ready!

I was also excited to make mom friends. I don’t know what it was but I just thought to myself I would make comrade types of friendships with moms who had children close in age to my son. We would just bond over loving our kids, teaching them, playing with them, and struggling during the tantrums together.

All I want is for my son to make some friends to grow up with and be friends for the next 20 years. Is that so much to ask?

Yes. Apparently the answer is Yes. I wonder how they did it before the internet. Did they just wait until we went to school and made friends there? Then it didn’t matter if we clicked with the parents, or were parenting our kids just like they were.

Now we join mom groups, local mom groups, “insert how we are parenting” groups so that we are sure to be with people who at least like our parenting style. If you join a local mom group, you chat and ask questions, complain and vent but there is never any actual getting together.

Or maybe there is and just not with me because I suck. I literally refuse to believe that. Sorry, I am funny and friendly dammit!

Turns out, I am mom-nerd? Nerd-mom? I like story times! I like playing with my son on the floor at his level. I know I am not the brightest crayon in the box, I also know that I do not have the money to take my kid to the zoo every other week, or an indoor play jumpy amusement park thing. I tend to hover when we are at the park together, Hi, helicopter mom here.

I don’t like Pinterest. There I said it. I love the idea of ideas of hand making shit, but have literally no desire to do it. It is literally a new level of competition that I find overwhelming. I don’t like to make a big deal about birthdays or holidays.

I want my son to happy with what he has. I don’t want the expectation of things to be huge, you know? Things can be fun and simple and low-key. That’s all I am saying. Trying to be more, bigger is stressful. Stressful parents, stressful kids, stressful marriage and life all together.

I was just talking to a mom who had a Science theme birthday party for her kid who loves science. Even had a scientist come and perform experiments! Sounds awesome! The kid showed zero appreciation. Said it was his mom who likes science, not even him. She said, “I drove myself crazy over that party.”

And here is where, I am sorry, but it is the moms fault. I drove myself crazy. Yes you did. Did you have to? No. Did you want to? Maybe. Why? That I don’t know.

Going above and beyond for ours kids is absolutely in our nature, as mothers but it doesn’t have to mean bigger. Bigger is not better. If you don’t go big, you have nothing to top next year. I hope that makes sense.

Just looking for my mom tribe I guess.

3 thoughts on “Where My Nerd Moms At?

  1. I feel you. I didn’t have a first birthday party for my daughter like everyone else I know. We went to the park with both sets of grandparents and she rolled in the grass. It was awesome.
    Her second birthday we met some friends at a kiddie indoor play center. 2 hours of fun later and she was done.
    I may have a small party for her third birthday now that she understands but a Pinterest party is not on the cards for me. Kids just want to play! And make a mess. It’s what they do. Way too many parents stressing out on what’s supposed to be a happy occasion.

    Or maybe I’m just lazy 😂


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