“I didn’t say make it Click-able!”

Anyone seen Accepted? Justin Long and his friends make a fake school to trick his dad into believing he got accepted into college when in reality, not one school accepted him?

It’s cute I highly recommend it.

Ever since becoming a mom, I feel this way about the internet. Everything is clickable, and sometimes there are commitments to those clickable things.

I am terrible with commitment. Internet commitment anyways. I am in groups I don’t even know why, I accept challenges and end up with daily emails with prompts and questions and webinars to watch and things to do. I have enough to do!

In the moment, I guess things really seem appealing. Leggings for sale by a local mom? Sure, I could use some leggings. Now I am getting 50 notifications about leggings I will never buy, sorry to that mom, but I cannot justify spending $25+ on leggings.

Writing prompts? Yes! I would love to have something to get me started with writing. 16 days later, I have not used one. I see them, I think about them, I have to change a diaper, or cook breakfast, lunch or dinner, or my son has a class, or he needs a diaper change. I know I said that already, but he needs them, a lot.

I started a book a year and half ago that I joined the online community for. And it never resonated with my, the book, I mean. But the group is very positive and uplifting so I just look around at the pretty posts and memes but I feel like I am trespassing at the same time.

Play dates!? Oh boy. Those should be day by day. A week ago, Yes I wanted to go on a 5 mile hike, you know why? It wasn’t today. Today, I have had no coffee, my son overslept, we are just now having breakfast an hour too late, he is screaming for my Elmo, I am screaming for more coffee and a 5 mile hike sounds like vampire torture!

I gotta stop. I put this pressure on myself to do more, more more. I know it is because I think I want to be more because otherwise I am just a mom. Mom ie cook, housecleaner, dry cleaner, photographer, care giver, raiser of little person by day, teacher, entertainer, sexy seductress for husband by night.

It is important to do what you do because you like it. I like blogging. I like the feel of the keys under my fingers and the sound of the keyboard going, and the appearance of words from my head to my screen to your screen to your head. I hope you like my words too but I love the act of writing. I love that I can type out 400 words like it is nothing. Minus my craZy typos <that was an accident, I swear.

The possibilities of the internet are endless but that doesn’t mean they should be.

Mine have to end.

Every time I see something I cannot get to, I feel bad and disappointed, like I failed. Stuff that I didn’t even really want to do it just seemed appealing at the time I saw it. Couple clicks and an email address later, boom, I have signed up for something.

Dear self, you have enough real life challenges going on. One day, one thing, one moment at a time.

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