Cards, Cards Everywhere there’s Cards


In January, I started this company. It feels so weird to use that word. Business? Not sure yet. I don’t know what it is.

The photo above is maybe 25 of a 500 card project. I was nervous to take it on, I was nervous to send a quote. But I did. And the universe brought me the most wonderful client. Flexible time frame, open communication. When we decided to change some things around, it was no problem and the end result was beautiful.

I have communicated every step of the way and as it nears an end, I am thinking, ok what is next?

But before I let myself go down the rabbit hole, I really just want to show appreciation for what the past few months have been. I have worked with 5 clients. 5! I’d say that is pretty gosh darn good.

Also, in August, I am speaking at Maker’s Rally in Georgia. Learn more about that here Maker’s Rally. I am hoping to help local makers by showing them that product photography doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You have money to spend in other places. You do not need a fancy camera, lights. What you do need is time. Time time time. Did I say time?

One photograph of this card project went through at least 5 steps to get to the end result.

If having me shoot and edit your photos mean you get more time to make stuff and fulfill orders, let’s do it!