2017 Inkwell Press Planner Review: Purpose vs. Productive

If you looked at that title and thought, 2017? It is not even October yet! I know and I am with you but as these years fly by, changes are coming with them.

I posted on IG last night about how as much as  I love my son, and I love staying home and  nurturing him, raising him is all def my purpose, it does not make me feel productive.

Watching as your clean kitchen, living room, or bathroom gets destroyed every single day does not leave me feeling productive. But, this business I have started, on Etsy Mamabird Mugs does make me feel so crazy product and good!

I am communicating with adult human beings, making them something they love and sending it off to enjoy its new home.

That whole process is revealing itself to be amazing. So I say all this to say that I was searching for a way to feel more productive about my business and life especially when you hit ebbs and flows.


Enter: Inkwell press planner. I had seen and have been following them on IG for quite some time, swooning over fonts and designs and quality. But I always thought, I do not have enough going to need a beautiful planner like that. Now, I do and now I deserve something beautiful and uplifting to use to keep track of my day to day.

There she is! The one I have loved since I saw it. That coral so warm and pretty and the calm blue arrow blended into that wood background as a beautiful simple reminder to just keep moving forward.


The Seventeen is written in Gold foil, really a beautiful touch. img_3484

This little graphic is actually on the bookmark that comes with the planner. There are a lot of sayings and motivating quotes throughout this planner but it makes me so happy that this is on the bookmark. Consistently, every day I will open it up and be reminded that today is my day. Even if yesterday wasn’t, or the days before that, or the days before that.

Just lovely details. img_3500

Like this Daily habit tracker!

I am the worst at drinking water. I don’t know why, well I do, I hate water but I know I should drink it, my husband tells me all the time. I am so looking forward to being able to show him how much better I will be doing with these accomplishment bubbles.

The color palette thru the whole planner is inviting. It wants to be used in a positive way to help you out.

These were just clearly designed with you and I in mind. I love it. I cannot wait to use it.

Wishing you a good end to 2016 and a great 2017!

Find more info on more products by Inkwell Press Here



Warning: Feeling Sappy!

Hello, hello Hey-lloh.

Things have been slow on the blog, there goes a tumbleweed.

But things have been picking up in life!

I opened an Etsy shop, my son started school a couple weeks ago, 5 days a week! Crazy. So now I drop him off at 9:15, run to the post office, come home make an order and pick him up at 12pm! And do it all over again.

He LOVES school you guys. The way home, all I hear, is More School, More School.. over and over and over. Until we watch and finish the Dinosaur movie and then it is More Dinosaur movie, More Dinosaur movie…

Anyways, with him starting school and loving it and I am feeling about the Etsy shop, I am really hoping this becomes a substantial endeavor. But it also makes me think that I do not have very long before Ben really is in school full time and that he is growing up. He already doesn’t need me to rock him while we sing songs before bed. He just jumps right up, hugs his stuffed turtle and Grover and listens to me sing, probably thinking, why are you still singing, Mom?

Tonight we watched the Avengers. We had to fast forward all the times the Hulk was not shown because my son was just saying More Hulk More Hulk. Which was fine because we had to fast forward a lot of the violent stuff too.

I say all this because I do not want to forget. When we first moved to GA and Ben was sleeping in his crib in his own room, struggled with bedtime a little bit. But when we started to read books and sing songs things got better. But then I introduced a “wind down conversation” if you will. We just talk about everything we did that day, what we ate, who we saw, where we went, what we watched, played etc.

And then one day, I made up a poem. Right off the fly and no sleep probably. But I have not skipped saying one day since. And now, at 2.5, my son says it with me. Now that I am not holding him while singing or talking, I see in his face how he immediately started to calm down and long blink his little eyes as soon as he hears the first line.

We all make-up shit for our kids. Songs, dances, poems, whatever. I just don’t want to forget it, or, he forgets it because I love him and it’s our thing and I will probably incorporate into a speech at his wedding! I’m not crying!

I typed it up and here it is. Maybe your baby might like it!

Who knows, babies are so weird.


My bedtime poem to my son every night.

Finally! A High Five for Waking Up!

You know, when you are little, you get praised for everything.

Yay! you sat in the big boy chair! Yay! you didn’t make a mess at dinner! Yay! you built a block tower and pushed it over!

At least, as a mom, I feel like I praise everything my son does that doesn’t involve breaking something or touching something that could kill him.

Then somewhere along the line, we just do things because they are expected, then we get stuck doing them over and over and over and it stops or maybe never did feel good, right?

I read the Desire Map almost 2 years ago and I admit, I was lazy about most of the work but I have not stopped thinking about the principal lesson to be learned.

Do what feels good.

To do that, you have to realize how the things you are doing make you feel.

Photography makes me feel good. I love the camera, I love product photography, I love when clients love their photographs. And I especially love when those photos help their shops do better!!

But I didn’t love that it wasn’t my work. I wasn’t making anything. I have always had the desire to make with my hands, something I could look at and hold, something tangible.

I tried bookbinding, painting hahaha, yeah I am not blessed with those talents, guys.

I have always loved graphic design, that was my main focus in high school until the one time someone told me I took a good photograph.

Fonts, in particular, are indeed my fancy. I cannot explain it but I could try new fonts all day. All Day. Who doesn’t love a good font?!

It started with my Hello Sunshine design. I thought this would look super cute on a coffee mug.


Your alarm goes off, maybe you hit snooze, so it goes off again. You open your eyes and see the day ahead of you, hopefully, it is a good one. Your feet hit the floor even tho, they so desperately want to stay tucked in those lovely blankets.

If you planned ahead, maybe you

hear your coffee brewing?

Even better, maybe you smell it. Ok, now we have some motivation to go into the kitchen and start our day. Open the cupboard, first decision of the day, what coffee mug will you use?

White? Cool floral design that you love but it’s weird to still have because it was a present from an ex? Zen design? Polka dots that were cute in Target but too busy at 6 am?

Then you see it, bright yellow, simple. With a greeting, Hello Sunshine. Hello, you think. Hello world, hello day, hello coffee.


First smile of the day. And that leads to many more. Because of your coffee mug.

That is my mission. A little slice of happiness to start your mornings.

Please check out my Etsy shop and let’s make you a mug that will put a smile on that face!

Mamabird Mugs