A Better Mom, Some Days

It's not allsnuggles & sunshine

Good Morni–Afternoon. I am not sure the time, I do know it is FRIDAY!Friday is pizza day here and that means I have until about 4:30 to kind of dick around.

I have seen videos and read blogs recently about moms like me who have short fuses and yell. That is me. I yell far too often. But I hate it. I do feel like shit after.

I read blogs on patience, rubber bands, counting and things to make it easier but no one ever talks about how hard it is to fight the building tendency to just lose it. To channel all of the rage in my chest, throat and FOCUS on using soft language.

Its like I need to mentally picture LOVE as a fire hydrant putting out the fire in myself before attempting to use words.

Some days,  I catch it and myself early. Some days, I lose it.

Fighting the urge to do or say what you FEEL vs the desire to do or say what you WANT is exhausting. And they are not the same things.

I want to address everything with patience but I feel like I should just put the damn shoes on myself or we will be here all day.

BUT I am trying. And my husband is noticing.

The other night, it was my sons’ bedtime and he did not want to clean up his toys, who does? I get it but I know it should be done so I am asking, explaining, asking, warning.

I feel the rage creeping slowly at first, breath, it does not need to go that way. All of my energy is focused on not losing my shit. I am praising every attempt at cleaning up, I am talking about getting a great nights sleep so we can have a good day tomorrow.

Eventually, it happened. Bedtime happened. I come back downstairs and my husband says “Thank you for keeping your cool. I could see how hard it was.”

“I could SEE.”

That made me feel so much better. Because I am alone all the time, no one sees that it is an effort. That it is EASY to give in to what I FEEL happening and fighting it for what I WANT to happen.

Do you struggle with this too? You are not alone.


Stay Cozy!

I am located in Georgia and it is FINALLY starting to feel like Fall. I just want to snuggle on the couch with some tea and a book.

At least, in the morning it feels that way.

By the afternoon, I find myself in shorts and a tank top! Crazy weather.

But while it is feeling cozy, I have created a stock photo package for you to use in your feeds, blogs, IG, wherever you think your target market wants to feel invited to learn more about your product and service!

You can check it out here and click on the photo for more details! Warm & CozyTea Journal Stock PhotoBundle

What Fuels You?


Aside from caffeine, right? Of course, that is going thru your veins.

But what gets you out of bed and even head to said coffee? For me, it is my son. I became a SAHM one month before my son was born. I wanted to get ready to be at home and nest and get everything ready. Flash forward to having to buy a bassinet 2 weeks into Ben being born haha.

I knew I wanted to stay home with him. What I didn’t know, was how lonely I was going to be. My husband worked long hours, my own mom lived 100 miles away at the time and my mother in law had a job and my sister in law had her own two kids. So I was starting this very new life and I felt really disconnected.
I worked in retail for a LONG time where every single day I was interacting with people, that said more often than not, they were assholes but still, I was interacting.
Humans are social. I am loud, but shy, but social. I am also the random person who may muster the courage to compliment a stranger. And seeing that stranger LIGHT UP, after a small honest compliment, lights me up! Is there a job where I can compliment people all day? If there isn’t, there should be.

Ok, so how could I interact with people from home with a baby? Grocery store? Sure where I look like a zombie and trying not to scream at screaming baby. Eh? maybe not.

Life and the universe has indeed given me the resources to do just what I wanted. I am connecting to people through designing fun, inappropriate and encouraging decals for mugs.
So here is my struggle this week, be careful what you ask for right? So I have this way to connect to people but I have also attached a financial burden to this because it is a shop and takes money to run. But the root of that is this fear that if  I am not making money, I am not doing it right or like I am failing.
But REALLY, every post, every like on IG except the bots, those people are connecting with something. Maybe they are even smiling at something I have posted.
THAT is what fuels me. That is what I was yearning for when I was so alone.

The financial stuff is me having to have self-discipline and being smart with my money because here I am at 28 and
still am an idiot with my money.

Connecting with people and making people feel good, that is what fuels me. I do it easily every day with my husband and my son. I am a nurturer first, a profit-er last. I put this pressure on myself and it gets so bad that I feel like everyone else is putting that pressure on too which is Bullshit.
If you are stuck, I suggest going back to what fuels you? What keeps you going? How do remind yourself of that when shit gets tough? Please tell me in the comments!



When I first started putting words on mugs, I needed some inspiration so I posted on facebook asking people what some of their favorite sayings were. I got a great response and this one, in particular, has always stuck with me. I have probably styled it 20 different ways because nothing seems to do it justice.

Recently, I have struggled with this kind of trust. Everything seems to weigh down and there is no light at the end of the tunnel and it feels like everything is falling apart.

As it may seem that way, I still wake up every day. I still go thru the motions of what I need to do, want to do, am expected to do. Day in and day out. The amazing thing is that nothing is permanent. So what seems like the end of the world today, in 3 weeks or 3 months or 3 years, will be resolved.

The calm that comes over me when I think about things that have happened and that I have already gone thru, how happy I am that those things are over, that is the calm I wish I had while the shit is happening. Trusting your journey means that the bad times will not last forever, but at the same time, nor will the good.

I truly believe in appreciating the good for however long it lasts but knowing that it will not last forever, and trying to endure the bad knowing in my heart that I will grow from this and it too will not last forever.

Once we get thru an obstacle, it is the biggest relief and we want to bury it, be done with it.

But remembering how good it felt to get thru that thing, might help us trust and have faith that whatever the current thing is, will end too and we will eventually feel that way again.


You learn Everything for a Reason

I went to high school for graphic design but we also had to take printing classes. In that printing class, we made notebooks and I remember that being awesome.

But my favorite assignment was making our own font. Being in graphic design, I loved fonts and I knew how important fonts were before those funny font memes came out.

I wished I remember exactly what we did and how we did it but I do not. So I use Fontbundles a lot and jump on their packages or free fonts of the week.

When I first started graphic designing again, specifically for making things for coffee mugs, it made me feel very vulnerable to make it and put it out there. As a photographer, I didn’t have the same vulnerability because whatever I was capturing, I didn’t make.

So I use my fonts and phrases and I try to make them funny or inspirational but at the end of the day, people may not like it. A lot of what I do is then turned into a mock up so I do not waste a mug or the vinyl and there are people who do not like mock-ups at all and need to see that real deal.

I just got an order today for a design that I am so happy with. But when I revealed it in my FB sale group, it didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for. By that I mean it got no reaction at all. Well, I listed it on Etsy anyways and I shared it on IG and someone said they HAD to have it.


People say that a lot, but this same person actually bought it today. So I had the satisfaction of MAKING it today. Seeing an idea go from your head to your computer, to real life in front of your face?! This is a personal victory for me.

In high school, I put all my eggs into one boy basket. In college, I had no idea that I would end up hating what I was doing. All my years in retail, were awful. Just awful. Then becoming a wife and a mom, I love taking care of my family but something was still missing, something for me. What made my soul happy? This is it guys.

I love putting funny shit on coffee mugs. As simple as it sounds. I love designing, I love hand applying the vinyl to the mug. I hope there is enough room out there for me because I do not want to stop!

If you would like to see my mug shop you can go here MamabirdMugs

Change to Save the Change

Wednesday! The last Wednesday of January 2017. What? Yes, there is only one week left until February. January was a month full of lessons learned for me. I will be very honest here. When I was in my younger day and working full time, I did not know how to budget or how to save money.

Here I am, 28 years old, turns out I still do not know how to budget or save money. I learned this the super hard way by being THIS close (how else do you show that gesture) to not being able to pay for my son’s school tuition next month.

(Thankfully I get to tell my husband that after 2 sales in the Etsy shop, I WILL be able to pay this month!)

Before that, I already told my husband I was short and he assured me not to worry, it would get paid. But I felt so disappointed in myself that I wasn’t paying attention. That I did not keep better track of my balance. I was even closer to over drafting people. I felt the same way I did when I was working full time and living pay check to pay check. Being scared to open utility bills and avoiding phone calls.

But this time it is not just me I am working for.

It is for my son. My son LOVES school. He is really thriving in it. His teachers love him, some moms tell me that their kids talk about my kid all the time at home. He has friends, he loves the activities they do.

It is a Methodist Preschool and my son has come home praying and with little Jesus figures, most beloved is his baby Jesus made out of a sock. He carries it with him around the house.

That said, my husband and I are not too classicly religious. He was raised Catholic and now is an Athiest and I am Buddhist. So I have looked other schools that are more academic based than a religion based.

And in my research it occurred to me if I had trouble saving the tuition for his school now, I would definitely have trouble saving the tuition of other schools because, holy crap, they are expensive.

Odds are, we will keep him in this school. Because he loves his teachers, and he loves his friends. AND I would like him to learn about other religions so that when he is old he can make it own choices.

But still, that doesn’t take away from I need to get my butt in gear about this money karma I have. I need to stay on top of myself.

So if you have any awesome, proven to work money saving tips, please share them in the comments below! 




Not Retreating From What Works For You

Good morning! Happy Wednesday! It is a Happy Wednesday. Even if yesterday’s were not so happy. If you know me on facebook or real life, you know that yesterday was a hard day for me.

Not even the whole day! Most of the day was great! Dinner time. Dinner time ruined my whole day. My son is almost 3 and like any other almost 3 year old, he refuses to eat dinner. Breakfast and lunch? Sure! Dinner? Definitely not going to happen. Unless it is a hot dog and mac n cheese, which is what he will be having tonight.

Ok so last night, as soon as he saw what was for dinner, he decided he did not like it. I started to feel super overwhelmed with anger mostly. I cooked, he should at least try it. We will sit here until you eat it. Ok, no movie after dinner, no toys after dinner, sit hear until bed time.

None of these threats worked. In an effort to not lose my shit, oh yeah, I say shit, hope that is ok. In an effort to not lose my shit, I took to FB live in my favorite mom group. Drank my wine and vented about this whole dinner nonsense. Most the women totally got it and talked about their own dinner related struggles.

One mom, however, pointed out that I am probably making a bigger deal out of if than I should be. I put pressure on myself to make my son eat. Is it a “worry” thing? Sure, but he eats all day, I know he is ok, not going to starve. Is it a control thing? This… this is probably more of what it is.

I have noticed my tendency to get angry. I instantly feel icky about myself when I am aware I feel this way and do not know what to do.

So I did what every parent does once in a while. I googled it. How do I stop being an angry parent? I found an amazing article that broke it down step by step, from the very beginning of feeling that inkling of rage. Rage may seem like an over exaggeration, but I assure you it is not. I remember feeling the same type of rage 7 years ago when I was in the worst time period of my life. I also call her, my dragon lady. Hello dragon lady, I feel you still in there and trying to control me again.


The articles steps were clear: Stop, Breathe, Listen.

Stop when you feel it. Breathe to let it go. And listen to yourself, listen to the things you want to say before you say them. Listen to your kid. Listen to the reality of the situation and is it as
bad as you are about to make it seem.

Doesn’t sound too bad. Sounds like how I learned to control it 7 years ago. How did I stop 7 years ago? Magically right before I met my husband, I had been introduced to Buddhism which was like nothing I had ever been taught before.

Talking with a friend who also practices last night, reminded me that one bad dinner should not have taken away from how great yesterday as a whole was. She was right. I had let it take down my whole day.

I say all this to say that if you find something that works for you, do not stop. Even when it seems you have everything under control. You don’t. And that is ok! If you are like me, you might need that support by something bigger than yourself. I chant. Maybe you pray. Maybe you meditate. Good! I am glad you have those things! Your family is glad you have those things!

What solidified it for me was the other day when my husband said to me “Everyone knows when you are not chanting.”


And I know too. I feel it. I feel depressed, I feel angry, I feel impatient. Getting started again is so hard. I feel like Spider-Man fighting the venom stuff that takes over his whole body. But with resources and daily practice, we can fight back!

Here’s to fighting for our happiness!img_4359