Hysterical Twist on Waking Up, Working Out and Being Awesome

There is a lot of stuff going on in the world today and none of it do I feel particularly smart enough to talk about. So I am not.

This post is about trying to not take it too seriously and I know that there is stuff to take seriously and I know amazing people are working hard to fight for what is right.

I mean more closely, not taking our day to day lists and agendas and jobs too seriously. I mean simply loving those who are close to up more, extra hugs and kisses. More attempts at making smile or even better, laugh deeply.

Laughing with the people you love makes time stop. Watching their face light up with pure joy and excitement is the best feeling in the world for me.

In homage to not taking life too seriously and continuing a streak of putting insane words on mugs, I present to you Craziest Mug Yet

Did you look?

Are you totally embarrassed? Mad? Shocked? Find it funny? I HOPE with everything you at least let the emotions wave over you and ended with a smile.

First of all, if you are a woman and embarrassed, don’t be! Here is a great article explaining why! Healthy and Fun

I just looked at all the these “Wake up, Work Out, Be awesome” designs and for someone like me, who doesn’t work out, who hates working out, LOATHES working out, I wanted something with a twist. You can be awesome without working out, right?

I sure as fuck hope so!

Besides, what better twist than a little self-love?

Still burns calories.









hellosunshineHappy Weekend People!

I hope you are surrounded by people you love doing things you love! I am currently surrounded by a napping toddler and husband. And playing around with some graphics.

This one is inspired by my love for watercolor calligraphy. I have finally started practicing, which is impressive. I have this thing where I fall in love with something, but then never actually doing said the thing. Anyways, I am working on it. While I am not happy enough with anything to share, I can digitally recreate what I am aiming for, and voila!

I am also gearing up for this week which includes an Intro to Buddhism meeting hosted by my district! Then a business meeting with other mompreneurs. Don’t you give me a squiggly red line, that is totally a word!

Then! The following weekend, I am giving a talk at Maker’s Rally about product photography. I hope to help at least one person learn one thing, or you know? Get a few laughs.

I know on the surface, it sounds like a shops photography is better off done by the shop maker. But it seems that their photographs they do not receive the same tender love and care as what they are making and selling.

If that is the case, online shoppers will never know how beautiful what you make really is. At first glance, they will see the yellow tint, dark shadows, and a gray unprofessional muddy background.

I know I can help. You love to make stuff, I love to photograph your stuff!