What is happening?

Hello all! Hi!

Let’s talk Facebook. Are you using it to promote business or blog or services? You really should be.

I know that there are A LOT of rumors about Facebook especially using it for business and I fell prey to listening to them before I found FB Everything™.

Heres the thing, if you learn how to use all the tidbits of Facebook, you can make a tremendous improvement in your business, traffic to your blog etc.

The best part is the teacher! Her name is Courtney and she is the Facebook Queen. Seriously, her story is incredibly inspiring and she is delightful to listen to and learn from.

Honest, straight to the point and goes along WITH you instead of just talking AT you.

You can try it for FREE until this Friday with her Free Facebook Makeover workshop. Learn more here before it goes away! Free Workshop!

Looking forward to seeing you in the group!



What Fuels You?


Aside from caffeine, right? Of course, that is going thru your veins.

But what gets you out of bed and even head to said coffee? For me, it is my son. I became a SAHM one month before my son was born. I wanted to get ready to be at home and nest and get everything ready. Flash forward to having to buy a bassinet 2 weeks into Ben being born haha.

I knew I wanted to stay home with him. What I didn’t know, was how lonely I was going to be. My husband worked long hours, my own mom lived 100 miles away at the time and my mother in law had a job and my sister in law had her own two kids. So I was starting this very new life and I felt really disconnected.
I worked in retail for a LONG time where every single day I was interacting with people, that said more often than not, they were assholes but still, I was interacting.
Humans are social. I am loud, but shy, but social. I am also the random person who may muster the courage to compliment a stranger. And seeing that stranger LIGHT UP, after a small honest compliment, lights me up! Is there a job where I can compliment people all day? If there isn’t, there should be.

Ok, so how could I interact with people from home with a baby? Grocery store? Sure where I look like a zombie and trying not to scream at screaming baby. Eh? maybe not.

Life and the universe has indeed given me the resources to do just what I wanted. I am connecting to people through designing fun, inappropriate and encouraging decals for mugs.
So here is my struggle this week, be careful what you ask for right? So I have this way to connect to people but I have also attached a financial burden to this because it is a shop and takes money to run. But the root of that is this fear that if  I am not making money, I am not doing it right or like I am failing.
But REALLY, every post, every like on IG except the bots, those people are connecting with something. Maybe they are even smiling at something I have posted.
THAT is what fuels me. That is what I was yearning for when I was so alone.

The financial stuff is me having to have self-discipline and being smart with my money because here I am at 28 and
still am an idiot with my money.

Connecting with people and making people feel good, that is what fuels me. I do it easily every day with my husband and my son. I am a nurturer first, a profit-er last. I put this pressure on myself and it gets so bad that I feel like everyone else is putting that pressure on too which is Bullshit.
If you are stuck, I suggest going back to what fuels you? What keeps you going? How do remind yourself of that when shit gets tough? Please tell me in the comments!

Cards, Cards Everywhere there’s Cards


In January, I started this company. It feels so weird to use that word. Business? Not sure yet. I don’t know what it is.

The photo above is maybe 25 of a 500 card project. I was nervous to take it on, I was nervous to send a quote. But I did. And the universe brought me the most wonderful client. Flexible time frame, open communication. When we decided to change some things around, it was no problem and the end result was beautiful.

I have communicated every step of the way and as it nears an end, I am thinking, ok what is next?

But before I let myself go down the rabbit hole, I really just want to show appreciation for what the past few months have been. I have worked with 5 clients. 5! I’d say that is pretty gosh darn good.

Also, in August, I am speaking at Maker’s Rally in Georgia. Learn more about that here Maker’s Rally. I am hoping to help local makers by showing them that product photography doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You have money to spend in other places. You do not need a fancy camera, lights. What you do need is time. Time time time. Did I say time?

One photograph of this card project went through at least 5 steps to get to the end result.

If having me shoot and edit your photos mean you get more time to make stuff and fulfill orders, let’s do it!